Imperfect Christian

What does it mean to be a good Christian? Being a good Christian is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to be a Christian as long as your intentions are always good and true.

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    What Led Me Down This Path

    What led me to create my blog? What led me down this path? My whole life I have been a mom. Even before I had children of my own, I helped raise my two younger brothers whom my mother had when I was in my teens. The oldest of the two is only eight years older than my oldest son, and the youngest of the two is six years older than my oldest. I have loved being a mom. It’s been my entire identity for all of my adulthood. I had often been ridiculed by other women, in both supportive and negative ways, for feeling that being a mom was…

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    I am an Imperfect Christian

    What does it mean to be a good Christian? I feel as though there is pressure to be a specific “type” of Christian. That when people find out you are a Christian or hear that someone else is a Christian, they think “what a goody-two-shoes,” or they must be a “goody-two-shoes.” That person must only read the bible and devotionals. They must preach all day long, and they must expect me to join their church and way of life. They must only do religious activities for fun. They must just believe what their church preaches. I would probably be considered a lousy Christian. Remember though, the title of this post……

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