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Life isn't perfect for anyone. We all shoulder our own issues, problems, fears and anxieties. What do you do when your life isn't turning out to be what you expect? Lift your eyes up to the Lord and ask for his help and his grace.

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    Left Out of the Picture

    Recently I had a moment with my family that I can’t shake off. I can’t seem to get over. No matter how much I try to tell my self it doesn’t matter, I can’t help but feel it does. My younger brother got married in January. It was a beautiful wedding. A wonderful night. The bride is a lovely person, inside and out and I’m thrilled to have her as a sister-in-law. I was so proud as I watched my brother see his bride for the first time. See his face light up and the emotion that went over it as she continued to walk towards him. My other brother…

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    Adversity Invites us to Renew our Faith in God

    Adversity tests whether you are what you thought you were. We all have this idea in our heads of what kind of person we think we are. We are complacent creatures, who settle into our beliefs, never considering change. Never considering we might need to change or might require a difference in our life. The hardships that we face are a means through which God works to accomplish His will in our lives. He sues these hardships to shape us. When we are faced with adversity, we are forced to face problems that are too difficult for us to overcome alone. We need to realize that our adversities are meant…

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    What Led Me Down This Path

    What led me to create my blog? What led me down this path? My whole life I have been a mom. Even before I had children of my own, I helped raise my two younger brothers whom my mother had when I was in my teens. The oldest of the two is only eight years older than my oldest son, and the youngest of the two is six years older than my oldest. I have loved being a mom. It’s been my entire identity for all of my adulthood. I had often been ridiculed by other women, in both supportive and negative ways, for feeling that being a mom was…

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    I Can Only Imagine

    My husband and I watched the movie I Can Only Imagine¬†last night. First off it is a fantastic song written and performed by Bart Millard. Secondly, the film was beautiful, touching and endearing. I knew the song so I knew I would love the movie; however, I was not prepared for how personally I would react to it. Spoiler ahead if you haven’t seen it… I can only imagine how Bart Millard felt when his father told him he was proud of him. Seriously, I can only imagine how that would feel, and I had no idea I had a hole in me until I watched the movie. That moment…

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    We Know Not the Reason nor the Design for God’s Plan

    As I mentioned, my mother had a tough childhood and a rocky family structure. As the story goes, her parents would get paid, buy alcohol, drink and get drunk and then get into violent, sometimes even physical fights that the neighbors would come out and watch. The neighbors could even schedule these events as they happened weakly on my grandparents’ payday. My mother is a very private person, and this was humiliating for her growing up. Who wouldn’t want to escape such a life? She met my biological father when she was 21. He was a car salesman at the time and sold her first car to her. From what…

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    Learning to Live with and Accept an Imperfect Life

      I spent much of my life crying to God, asking why he would let me have such a tough life. Why did He allow bad thing after bad thing happen to me? Why did I start off life with such a screwed up family? I was a mostly good person and a good community member. I don’t commit crimes or break the law of man, nor God. I could be a better person in my thoughts against others, but most of the world carries that same fault. I honestly was a reasonably good person. So why, God, why was I born into such a cruddy life? I felt my…

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    I Have An Imperfect Life

    I was born to a mother that came from an alcoholic family. She suffered being raised in that family, more than I can even imagine and more than I have a right to write about. In my opinion, she wasn’t nurtured enough the way children deserve to be nurtured. That upbringing didn’t teach her how to be a nurturing mother. I’m not saying she didn’t love me, but I didn’t feel that too much. I always felt like I was reaching out and begging for affection.¬† Feeling that way often made me wonder why my life was the way it was. Why was I born into such a dysfunctional family?…

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