Imperfect Motherhood

I am an imperfect mother. I try my best. I make decisions for my children based on what I think will be best for them. Those decisions aren't always the same decisions other moms would make, but they are what is best for our family. You can only do what you think is best for your family and then count on God and his grace to see you through.

  • Imperfect Motherhood

    I am an Imperfect Mother

    I dreamt of being the perfect mom. My children would be so loved and cared for! I would make everything perfect for them. We would make all the right decisions, and they would grow up to be incredible, amazing and brilliant people! Seriously! What was I thinking? No one can be the perfect mother! First of all my children were going to be safe kids and were NOT going to play with guns! No toy guns were allowed to be purchased by anyone for our children. Violent television shows were not allowed on t.v. Everything was going to be kid-friendly and safe! Ha! One day when my older two boys…