Let Me Introduce Myself


I am an imperfect Christian, and a wife for the past 23 years. Mother to four boys, two of which are now adults in the Army and married, the oldest has a son of his own. I also have two boys still at home, a Junior in High School and an 8th grader.

I am an imperfect person. An imperfect Christian, an imperfect wife, imperfect mother, and an imperfect grandmother living an imperfect life with God’s grace. I haven’t always understood that living an imperfect life wasn’t a horrible thing. I felt the pressure to give the perception that my life was perfect, that I was a perfect and good human being. Through this blog I will show you that I am far from perfect in every aspect of my life, but that is okay because I know that God’s grace will save me, help me and guide me through this imperfect life!